As the Corona Virus spreads and more and more states, cities and businesses shutter operations, we have decided to suspend all consulting and installs until April 6th 2020.  Many workers are now finding themselves tele-working and many IT departments are not prepared for the influx of work.  We've started to gather a list of resources to help our community and hopefully anyone else that finds it helpful.  Some tech companies have already announced free services for some duration during the pandemic.  This is by no means a complete list, but some of the more well known.

Teleworking/Remote Collaboration Tools
1. Webex - Webex is the of the oldest and most secure platforms around, they are offering paid features free after signing up an account during the pandemic
2. Zoom - Zoom is offering educators and schools free use of their platform during the pandemic, Zoom person to person is always free or free for 40 minutes at a time up to 100 participants
3. Slack - A staple of the tech industry, they offer free person to person calling, team collaboration and there's hundreds of integrations

Free Email
1. Gmail - If you need a throw away email to forward your work email to
2. - Free basic email account from the O365 platform for those used to using Outlook or Office 365

Cell Providers
1. T-Mobile - TMO US is offering unlimited stateside international calling, extra mobile hotspot data and unlimited phone data for all customers. For more information click the link.
2. AT&T - AT&T is also making efforts to open up services and support their customer base during the pandemic

Internet Service Providers
1. Comcast - They are opening up their national WIFI network for free, offering unlimited data for the duration of the pandemic.

Digitalciti - Some Services free to Customers through May 1st 2020
1. Free VPN services
2. Free document sharing and collaboration services
3. Free Office to Office or Remote Office to Office connectivity

We'll continue to update this as more we find more providers responding to COVID-19.

- Digitalciti - Updated 5:36 PM CDT 3/15/2020


Sunday, March 15, 2020

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